Gluten Free Weekend
Gluten Free Weekend

👋 Hi, I’m Eleonora

GLUTEN-FREE by necessity | Exploring WORLD FOOD for passion

If it’s healthy and delicious, you got me! Now exploring with keto, reduced sugar, and mostly vegetarian.

Welcome to Gluten Free Weekend!

GFW it’s more than a blog to me. It’s my passion project that I’m so excited to share it with you!

I started because I love exploring food around the world (especially if it’s healthy). I discovered that there’s a huge variety of naturally gluten-free food everywhere, and if I’m curious about something that it’s not gluten-free, then it’s my mission to make it so!

WHY GFW: Week days are usually busy so weekends can be a special moment to dedicate to family, friends, and hobbies. gluten free (for the people I love) brings it all together for me.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: The moment I found out I was celiac I felt completely lost. What would I eat? How could I invite friends for dinner? How can I give up on the food I love?

Then a new world opened up. New opportunities, flavours and ingredients. After many experiments (and many failures too) I found out ways to eat, cook and bake amazing gluten-free dishes. I began with turning the traditional Italian dishes into gluten-free delicacies and then, as I kept traveling more and more around the world, I started doing the same with food from all over the world.

All photos from my husband, photographer and official taster Alberto Rossini (Alberto Rossini Photo).

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